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Hey, I’ve received several requests for the C# counterpart to the Flash 8 BitmapExporter class. andCulture has agreed to allow me to post the entire source under an Open Source license. The download includes the updated AS2 class and the C# solution. Please realize that it won’t “just run” as it stands and will involve some configuration. However, it should be all the code you need to yank a bitmap out of Flash 8. Enjoy!

Download here:



  1. Hi, I know little to nothing about Flash and have been given the task of exporting a flash image to a BMP using C#. In researching this task I came across your code and after a little modification I have it working, almost. I have an image that is 456 x 700 that I am trying to export and save on my server. The problem I have is that I only ever seem to get a small part of my image exported, it is almost as though it does about 200 lines and then stops. I cannot for the life of me see what I am doing wrong and was wondering if maybe I missing a setting or something? Any guidence will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Andy, I’m not sure how to contact you, but shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do. You can check out the maxWidth and maxHeight properties perhaps…

  3. This is great! I’m also looking for a JavaScript version or something that will get around the flash security and allow me to just do this when I run the flash offline. Like a low-rent AIR application.

  4. How can i scan a movle clip on stage —

    it shows error if i m doing —


  5. Hi How can i improve the Image Quality ?

    Ashish Kumar

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