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I absolutely love Bach on the violin, and I wanted to try to visualize it in PV3D. The logic is that it averages the amplification and frequency over 100 and 500 frames, respectively. This allows those modifiers to gracefully control the shapes. I am setting the size of the shape to respect the amplification at the sample time. I really like how fluid it turned out for a few hours of play time.


Click here to view the demo.



  1. Just amazing – I LOVE it

  2. excellent work!

  3. Amazing, just made my day!

  4. exellent! very cool demo!

  5. Nice, did you use the frustrum cam on this? // EP

  6. No, although I could employ that so that I don’t fry people’s processors as much 🙂 I’m simply maintaining an array of objects and shifting them off after so many.

    I’ve always wanted to make something like this.

    Lukesh: Can you please share some of your code?


  8. Ack!! I was doing the same! You were faster than me 🙂 Very nice!

  9. Great Stuff!!!!
    Could you tell more about “The logic is that it averages the amplification and frequency over 100 and 500 frames, respectively..”?
    much thanks!

  10. On each frame, I maintain arrays of samples of the frequency and amplification of the SoundChannel.
    When the arrays get larger than n, I use the average of all the values in the array for the value to visualize, and then shift off the bottom element in the array.

  11. this is so sick! nice work

  12. Hats off, bravo, thumbs up, and every other expression of general awe in your direction sir!

  13. thnaks!!

  14. dude, awesome!! really cool example

  15. Man, that was amazing. Great work! That kills any winamp visualization I’ve ever seen. I appreciate it more when you actually play with pv3d.

  16. OT: Is that music from Morimur?

    (oh, and nice PV3D example 😉

  17. Thats the first time I have seen a mix of elemants in that way using AS. Reminds me of


  18. That is awesome!!! Where can i get the source code? 🙂

  19. amazing. i can’t wait to try something like this myself.

  20. i cannot view this due to a sandbox security error… any way around this?

  21. Very nice, I like the glow on the 3d object Gives it a nice touch.

  22. Amazing, teach me how to do that too!!!

  23. WOW!! So cool! Do you have a tutorial on this?

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