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I’ve been experimenting with building fractally trees as a branch (no pun intended) of a visual effect I needed to achieve in a presentation I’m building. I really love the output of this simple 2D tree example. It could have been built in Flash 5 probably, but it’s really cool anyway. Then, realizing that anything you can do in 2D you can do in 3D (*smile*), I built some happy little trees in Papervision3D. Again, nothing earth-shattering, but interesting enough to share.

This is an output from the 2D tree. Click here to test it out for yourself. If you get a little tree, it’s because the branches just decided to not grow anymore (it’s all random). Just refresh the page.

2d Trees

This is the tree visualization in PV3D. There’s not too much too see, but I think it has potential. Warning: It will totally cook slower processors. Click here to check it out.

3d Trees


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