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After finally getting my Flex Builder 3 Beta 3 environment all set up, I realized that it was actually quite a few steps, and could probably be pretty aggravating to someone getting started. This should walk you through getting Eclipse Europa + Flex 3 Beta 3 + Subclipse installed properly, with the added bonus of configuring Quicksilver + Flex keyboard shortcuts so they don’t trip over each other if you’re on OSX.

First, get your Actionscript projects to work in Flex Builder 3 Beta 3. After I uninstalled Beta 2 and installed Beta 3, it would appear that all my Actionscript projects stopped running. Well, in reality, Flex Builder really was just confused as to what it was running. It seems that you have to add Actionscript projects back to the run menu.

Step 1: Click the arrow next to the run button, and select Open Run Dialog…

Step 2: Add your Actionscript project back to the favorites menu. This involves selecting the project, clicking the Common tab, and checking the menus you want the project to be included on. Ta-da, back in the menu. Seriously, if anyone knows a better way, or why this happened, please let me know.

Second, getting Subclipse installed in Europa. By default, Eclipse won’t let you install Subclipse. If you don’t know, Subclipse allows you to use SVN in the Eclipse file explorer, which is awesome for us on OSX because there really isn’t a decent SVN client yet (why?!). I use SmartSVN if I have to.

Step 1: Enable minor increments.

This step allows you to select specific minor versions of the Subclipse package. If you only allow service increments (default), you’ll probably get a contingency error like “missing required component buckminster.blah.blah.blah.yousuck”. Open Prefrences for Eclipse and select Install / Update. Then under Valid Options, select “Service and Minor Increments”.

Step 2: Install the Subclipse plugin.

This should work now as you’d expect. You may not be able to install the entire Subclipse package, so only select what works. Use “” to install.

Step 3: Use Subclipse in Eclipse to manage your SVN projects.

Last, configure Spotlight and Quicksilver so they don’t trip over Flex Builder. If you don’t know what Quicksilver is, please go out there and download it. It’s just wonderful, trust me.

Step 1: Quicksilver renders Spotlight essentially useless, so we’re going to first disable the Spotlight keyboard shortcut. Click on “Spotlight” in System Preferences. Uncheck any keyboard shortcut mappings that exist.

Step 2: Configure Quicksilver to use Command+Space (or anything but Control+Space and Control+Shift+Space). I simply mapped it to Command+Space to replace the default Spotlight keyboard shortcut.

Step 3: Enjoy code completion back in Flex Builder 3 by using Control+Space for methods and fields, and Control+Shift+Space to display function argument code hints if they disappear.

I’m only sharing this because it’s the path I took. If there’s a better way, let me know.


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