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Ok, you’ve created a 30,000-frame animation that needs to be deployed to the web as an animation and to DVD as a movie. (Don’t judge me. Seriously.) Anyway, you’ve done this, and you’ve got all your scenes exported and whatever and the website looks great. On to the DVD production. Let’s see, just export an uncompressed video file, stick into After Effects color-correct and export as you need. Nope! Hang on there, not so fast. Literally–if your CPU can’t render the animation at 30fps, it won’t render to video at 30fps…in other words, you’d think that Flash would be smart enough to process each frame during the export ensuring that no frames get dropped, because we only care about the high-quality output of the video–but no such luck. So, we’ve been using this utility for what seems like 20 years (ok, since 2001) but what a HACK. I mean seriously, Adobe. The only other way I was able to get good video from Flash where the animation was too complex for 30fps was to reduce the framerate of my animation to like 1fps, export, and then pump up the framerate to 30fps in After Effects. HA. HA. HA. If anyone has a method, or I’m being a total moron, I would gladly accept public humiliation in exchange for knowing how the #$(*@# to do this properly. Kthx.



  1. I have done the same AfterEffects method (exporting at 1fps), but this messes up any actionscript timing you might have. Horrible. I tried to re-write my actionscript to adjust to the framerate, but it is behaving weirdly. I’m on a Mac, so that utility you mentioned is not really an option.

    did you ever find a better solution for this?

  2. Hey thanks for the 1 fps trick. I didn’t even know that method until I read this year-and-a-half-old post, and it saved my current project! Fortunately there’s no AS driven movement in it. Previously I had exported to image sequence which had no frame rate issues, but would not play nested clips.

    Did anyone solve the AS timing issue? Is it still even an issue with CS4?

    • I’ve been battling with the same problem… I’ve managed to export at the right frame rate by exporting with a keyframe value of 1 hence forcing flash to export every frames in full.

  3. Could you (simply) explain how this is done in AE? I’m having a very similar problem with a flash project. We have managed to export the 1 fps mov. Now we just need to ‘fix’ it in AE and I’m an AE noob.

  4. “Keyframe value of 1 hence forcing flash to export every frames in full.”

    After two days of trying various methods, it was as simple as this!

    PERFECT!! You saved my bacon, as the saying goes dude… You’re a legend!

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