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This weekend I threw together an algo to generate Aurora for a holiday ecard. I was really happy with the outcome. You can see the card here.



  1. I’ve never seen the Auroras myself but that looks pretty realistic to me. Nice work.

  2. Yo Fran,

    Turned out really nice! I especially like the effect when the movie is first loaded…

    Nice work.

  3. I’d seen Aurora Borealis))
    Yours looks nice!!
    Never seen this blog before))
    very nice one/
    I’ll subscribe to it.
    Any chance to get source of this example?

  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
    Sure looks realistic to me too..definitely more realistic than some other versions I’ve seen.
    A chance to get the source code (as MechanisM requested) would be fantastic, but some guidelines on how to create the effect
    would be even better (for those of us “Action Script challenged” people out here) ;>)

  5. wow.. this looks good. as the others already asked, any change to see some code for this effect? 🙂

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