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I think I have a decent workaround to this old bug, where you run into formatting problems if you want to use a custom borderSkin on a Panel or Alert. (I especially wanted to use a skin created with Degrafa.) In addition, I wanted to set up something where I could create a generic Panel skin to use throughout my application, but also use the skin for Alerts without it messing up the title bar. Even though it’s over a year old, this post is still getting remarks about the layout bug. 

Admittedly, my workaround is a total hack. However, that’s why it’s called a workaround. I’ve been using it without issues, and wanted to make it public. Click here to download a Flex project archive with the solution files. This is what it looks like:


Custom Panel / Alert Skin

Custom Panel / Alert Skin



  1. Dude, I’m trying to use your hack in a theme and I’m still getting the button stuck on the top. I’m using degrafa too. Any further work on this?

  2. Hold that thought … my SWC wasn’t refreshed … you’re a genius. Thanks a heap. What I like the best about your hack is that it is a skin so I can keep it in my theme and don’t need to f*ck about extending components. Nice work.

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