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Want to growl in your Flex apps? Try this junk. FlexGrowl is a component that allows you to create growl-like notifications in your Flex apps. If you don’t know, Growl is an integrated notification system for OSX that listens for notifications from registered applications. It looks like this:

FlexGrowl implements this type of interface for Flex; it looks like this (click here for working demo):

However, you can customize the growl notifications to look however you’d like. The notifications shown above are created with Degrafa (which, by the way, is awesome). Click here to download the source. Let me know what you think!



  1. Congratulations my friend… great component.. simple skin great use of degrafa/flex..

  2. Thanks mate!

  3. Dude, you saved me a lot of work! hehe…

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Great component. Congratulations!

  5. Is there any way to extend this to work with AIR apps such that the growl window appears on the desktop instead of within a Flex app frame?

  6. Matt, if you want to actually interface with Growl, you can use this: However, I can see this being extended to a cool component that does what you need. Currently, I’m pretty deep into project work, but I’d definitely make an excuse to make something like that once I get some time.

  7. BTW, I’m trying to deprecate this blog and move to

  8. Hi..
    I’m having some problem when I try to use the component in pure actionScript. Like this:

    var appMain:MainApplication = Application.application as MainApplication;
    var growler:Growler = appMain.getChildByName(“growler”) as Growler;
    growler = new Growler();
    growler.height = (appMain.height – 10);
    growler.growlerClass = DefaultGrowl;
    growler.x = (appMain.width – growler.width);
    growler.horizontalGap = 5;
    growler.verticalGap = 5;
    growler.addEventListener(GrowlEvent.CLICK, buttonClickListener);

    Is it possible?

    • Danilo Marques de Rezende
    • Posted December 28, 2010 at 6:53 pm
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    Is there any way to listen to the a mouse click on the close button from the DefaultGrowl class?
    I’m trying to use the GrowlEvent.CLOSE but it doesn’t call may method.

  9. First of all, I love this piece. As a spoiled Mac user, I dig the growler app that runs on top of SnowLeopard. As a Flex developer, I really like being able to use your library to implement similar functionality in my prototypes.

    Now my question is this… Is there a license format that you are releasing this under? Can you tell me what it is? I have a project for a customer that I would like to use it on, but cannot until I find out what the legal eagles have to say about it.

    I would appreciate your response. Great work.


    • MIT License, same as HydraMVC / HydraFramework. If it works for you, use it to your heart’s content, my friend.

  10. Thanks for the Great work !

    Is it available for Flex 4 as well ?
    If I have a source I could have converted this my self.

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